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ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, is a non profit making NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), working since 1983 in Zakynthos and other major nesting beaches, protecting the sea turtles and their habitats in Greece.

We do this through monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles in the only Rescue Centre for Sea Turtles in Greece functioning since 1995. Zakynthos project operates annually from May to October, under a research permit by the Ministry of Agriculture (Wildlife Department) and the approval of the Management Agency of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos (NMPZ) and with the help of about 150 volunteers from all over the world.

Sea turtles coexisted with dinosaurs and called the ocean their home long before man ever appeared on earth. Unfortunately, today their existence is seriously threatened in every corner of the planet, due to the degradation of the nesting beaches by human development and many more dangers adult turtles have to face at sea, threats which are usually related to human activity (such as collisions with speedboats, entanglement in fishing gear, pollution etc.). Caretta caretta needs help from all of us so that she can continue to reproduce on her nesting beaches, but also to swim without problems in the sea.

Laganas Bay is one of the most important nesting grounds for the Caretta Caretta  in the Mediterranean, featuring almost 26% of the recorded Mediterranean nests. In 1999, the area was characterized as a National Marine Park, the first in the Mediterranean for sea turtles, and is protected. For the efficient protection of this very important area, the Management Agent of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos collaborates with local agencies and the other environmental NGO’s such as; WWF-Hellas and Mom.

Where to find us: We have a permanent Information Station located in Zakynthos Main Square – Solomou Square, which has a team of dedicated volunteers eager to answer your questions about the Caretta caretta in Zakynthos.

Our opening hours are from 10.00am until 11.00pm.

For more information visit:  www.archelon.gr.

Contact: stps@archelon.gr

Danielle Gault
Public Awareness Co-ordinator

ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece