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View of Sunrise over Alykanas in Zakynthos


Established on Zakynthos in 1999

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Weather in Zakynthos

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Weather in Zakinthos

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Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) swimming in sea in Laganas Bay Zante Shipwreck (Nevagio) near Porto Vromi Zakynthos (Zante)

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Zakynthos is the most southern of the Ionian Islands, famous for its beautiful beaches, the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, the outstanding scenery and most importantly for the hospitality of the locals.  Daily flights connect Zakynthos with Athens and during the summer months direct charter flights are available from many European Airports, if you don’t fancy flying, the island also has a regular daily ferry service from Killini, and during the height of the summer season ferries are also available from Kefalonia and Italy.

Zakynthos is full of history, known since prehistoric times, and named Yliessa (wooded) by Homer, its first settler was Zakynthos, son of Dardanos , king of Phrygia.  Zakynthos remained neutral in the Persian wars, joining ranks with the Athenians during the Peloponnesian war, but eventually submitted to the Macedonians of Alexander the Great and later to the Romans.  During the Byzantine times, Zakynthos, was overturned by Crusanders, the Normands and the Franks.  From 1185, the island was under Frank tenure, in 1484 the Ottomans took charge and obtained power for five years, 1484 saw the start of the Venetian rule and a definite change to the island as the Venetians influenced architecture with its arches and churches with their separate bell towers, this influence is seen till this day.  On the 4th of July 1797 the French conquered the island and in October 1798 the Russian Turkish fleet landed.  On 5th November 1815 the treaty of Paris placed the island under English rule, which remained until 1864 when the British returned all of the Ionian Islands to the newly founded Greek State.

Zakynthos is also famous for its poetry and music, Dionisos Solomos is the national poet of Greece and in Lofos Strani he wrote the National Anthem, other famous poets from the island were Kalvos and Xenopoulos, Zakynthos even had the first University of Arts in Greece and people throughout Europe travelled to study here.  The island has been an important centre of cultural activity, providing the country with poets, musicians and theatrical arts.The capital of Zakynthos is based at the foot of the hill below the castle, life revolves around the town, and you can see the locals shopping, going about day to day jobs and also sitting in the squares in one of the cafe bars, whiling away the hours, watching the world go by over a much needed coffee.  

Close to St. Markos and Solomos Square is the beautiful marina, here you can catch a ferry to the mainland, take a cruise around the island, watch the fishermen bringing in their catch or just sit on one of the little wooden benches and take in the fantastic view.

The town has its characteristic arches, but unfortunately its beautiful old town was destroyed by the earthquake of 1953, only two churches and a school remained.  The locals were evacuated to the hills where they had to set up camps until the town was re-built, this took many years and patience, as the islanders wanted to make the town to the same standard as it was before with its Venetian influence.

St. Dionisos is the patron saint of the island and the church built in his honour takes pride of place on the harbour front, full of works of art, gold sculpture and wooden carvery, 24th August sees the largest festival of the year, people travel from all over the island as well as from other parts of Greece, to see the parade of the patron saint.  The locals believe in his healing powers and queue for hours to catch a brief glimpse, the sick and elderly wait in hope that the patron saint will heal them of their ills.

  To the west of the island is a mountainous range, with a fertile plain underneath, the town is on the south eastern side and in the bay of Laganas sits the islands Pelouzo and Marathonisi.  The fertile plains are full of grapes which are harvested for raisins, sultanas and wine making.  The mountains are full of olive groves and every year extra virgin olive oil is produced in abundance.  The winter months see the lemon and orange trees full of fruit just waiting to be picked.  The climate is ideal for agriculture as the summer provides many days full of sunshine and the autumn and winter months provide the island with plentiful rain.

Large parts of the island are still undeveloped especially in the southern bay, this is because it is a protected area, home of the endangered Loggerhead Turtle and Monk Seal, both species are at risk of extinction, so strict measures are taken for their protection.   The World Wide Fund and the Archelon Group take deep interest in the preservation of both species and have helped in the development of the National Marine Park.

We hope that you enjoy your stay and make the most of the natural beauty, beaches, food & wine, history and hospitality.

Beautiful Zante

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